Perche, Office for a film company, on going 2022
Apartment refurbishment, on going 2022 
Fontaine au Roi,
Apartment refurbishment, on going 2022
Study for a house extension, on going, 2022
Artist studio, on going, 2022
Apartment refurbishment, on going 2022
private house, on going 2022

Lechapelais, Office for a press agent, built, 2021
Apartment refurbishment, built, 2021
Fontaine St.Pierre
, Refurbishment of an old workshop, on going, 2021
Raymond Losserand, Tiny office space in a courtyard, on going, 2021
Fossés Saint-Marcel
, Apartment refurbishment, built, 2021
Chevillon, House in the forest, on going, 2021
Tombe Issoire, Apartment refurbishment, built, 2021
Family house refurbishment, competition, 2021
, Exhibition Abbaye de Maubuisson, 2021
Exelmans, 2 apartments refurbishment, on going, 2021
Tunis, House extension, competition, 2021
Salneuve, Apartment refurbishment, on going, 2021

Flammarion, House refurbishment & extension, on going, 2020
St Maur, House extension, competition 2020
Belleville, Office space, built, 2020
Guynemer, Single family house, built, 2020

Tombelaine, Food laboratory & Residency, terminated, 2020
Bas Pays, House refurbishment, on going, 2020
Villemoisson, House refurbishment, competition, 2020
Fontainebleau, House in the forest, competition, 2020

Sandqvist, Flagship store, built, 2019
Windows, Residency program, terminated, 2019-2020
Preservation Pavilion, Garden, competition, 2019

At work, exhibition, built, 2017

Orchard, Garden, built, 2016
A castle in a park, Refurbishment, built,  2016

Paris Habitat, Exhibition, built, 2015