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Marum, House extension, on going 2023
Office for a film company, on going 2023
Apartment refurbishment, on going 2023 
Fontaine au Roi,
Apartment refurbishment, built 2023
Nanterre, Apartment refurbishment, on going 2023
House in the forest, on going 2023
Private house, on going 2023

Study for a house extension, competition, 2022
Artist studio, on going, 2022
Apartment refurbishment, on going 2022
Lechapelais, Office for a press agent, built, 2022
Fossés Saint-Marcel, Apartment refurbishment, built, 2022

Apartment refurbishment, built, 2021
Fontaine St.Pierre
, Refurbishment of an old workshop, on going, 2021
Raymond Losserand, Tiny office space in a courtyard, built, 2021
Tombe Issoire, Apartment refurbishment, built, 2021
Family house refurbishment, competition, 2021
, Exhibition Abbaye de Maubuisson, 2021
Exelmans, 2 apartments refurbishment, on going, 2021
Tunis, House extension, competition, 2021
Salneuve, Apartment refurbishment, on going, 2021

Flammarion, House refurbishment & extension, on going, 2020
St Maur, House extension, competition 2020
Belleville, Office space, built, 2020
Guynemer, Single family house, built, 2020

Tombelaine, Food laboratory & Residency, terminated, 2020
Bas Pays, House refurbishment, on going, 2020
Villemoisson, House refurbishment, competition, 2020
Fontainebleau, House in the forest, competition, 2020

Sandqvist, Flagship store, built, 2019
Windows, Residency program, terminated, 2019-2020
Preservation Pavilion, Garden, competition, 2019

At work, exhibition, built, 2017

Orchard, Garden, built, 2016
A castle in a park, Refurbishment, built,  2016

Paris Habitat, Exhibition, built, 2015